Shocking Details Emerge as Lugulu Girls High School Students Reveal what is “Ailing” Them


Shocking Details Emerge as Lugulu Girls High School Students Reveal what is “Ailing” Them

Rape at Lugulu Girls High School
Rape at Lugulu Girls High School

Unrest  was noticed in along the Webuye-Kitale highway after a rowdy mob of students spotting the official Lugulu Girls high school’s official uniform left the school and barricaded the road to protest against what they termed as gross misdemeanor of their principal.

The girls who marched all the way to Webuye Police Station to tender their complaints about what their school principal did, were not afraid to speak out their unending woes within a school environment where they expect their interests to be safeguarded.

Rape at Lugulu Girls High School

According to a reliable source, they managed to get the attention of the OCS.

Initial reports indicate that a rape incident happened at the school and some girls witnessed the disgusting act.

However, upon reporting the issue, they were asked to keep mum and “see no evil” since the principal is said to be eyeing a coveted prize.

Reputation First?

The students further accused the principal of egocentrism for their silence was meant to protect the principal’s “good reputation.”

The principal is also accused of threatening to send the witnesses to prison.

The girl who was raped was also reprimanded by the principal and falsely accused of spinning a web of lies  to match her story despite the other girls witnessing the ordeal.

POYA Award

The students also reported that their principal needed a certificate of good conduct for her to be get the coveted principal of the year award.

  The frustrated students also added that the principal told them that her name was not going to be soiled by that incident since it is protected by the blood of Jesus.

This report is worrying since the principal of a school is supposed to be at the frontline protecting her students but in this case the exact opposite happened.

The police have launched an independent  investigation into the matter.

Such incidences should be condemned and our girls protected against sex predators for their futures to be secure.

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