Relief as TSC Announces the Fate of  Serving TSC Internship Teachers


Relief as TSC Announces the Fate of  Serving TSC Internship Teachers

 The Teachers Service Commission, TSC has at last shed light on the fate of the current TSC Teacher Interns whose one-year contract is set to come to an end in December 2020 having reported to their new working stations following successful recruitment in January 2020.

This follows the Teacher Service commission’s recent announcement inviting Applications from qualified candidates to fill the 6,674 teacher internship posts.

What shocked many is the fact that the serving teacher interns were barred from applying and that poses the big question “what will happen when their contract comes to an end this year?”

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has already  released the road-map for the recruitment of teacher interns in 2020.

The released schedule shows the interview dates for applicants who will be shortlisted to fill the 1,998 posts for primary schools and 4,876 for secondary schools.

The Commission however intends to extend the internship period for interns recruited in 2019.

The interns will report to schools on Monday January 4, 2021 (Continuing interns) as newly recruited interns report on Monday January 11, 2021 (New Interns).

TSC Schedule of recruitment of intern teachers
Below is a table which shows a recruitment schedule for 2020 intern teachers












During the Seventh Presidential Address on the coronavirus pandemic which was on 23 May, 2020, the head of the state highlighted some of the National Government post Covid-19 Economic Stimulus Programme the internship post was among of them.

The Teacher Internship Programme is a one (1) year programme meant to equip and sustain competencies of persons entering teaching service.

The programme targets unemployed registered teachers to be assigned to learning institutions where their teaching experience will be enhanced through mentorship coaching and exposure to practical teaching experience.


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