Latest TSC Scoresheet/ Marking Scheme 2021/2022; How TSC will selects shortlisted candidates to fill available teaching vacancies 2021-2022


TSC Internship, Recruitment Scoresheet 2021-2022: TSC Reverts Back to the Old Scoresheet for Future Teachers’ New Recruitments and Replacements  2021-2022

Latest TSC Scoresheet/ Marking Scheme 2021/2022; How TSC will selects shortlisted candidates to fill available teaching vacancies 2021-2022

TSC Opts for the Traditional way of Awarding Marks to Candidates in future Teachers’ Recruitment- New, Internship and Replacement. Read on to find out why

Mandated by the Constitution of Kenya, the Teachers Service Commission, TSC has the power to determine the most suitable selection criteria used to sieve successful candidates to fill advertised TSC teaching slots/ vacancies in both primary and secondary schools in Kenya from the pool of interested applicants.

The various parameters used to determine the most suitable TSC selection criteria are technically referred to as TSC Recruitment Scoresheet or Marking Scheme.

The Commission usually reviews the TSC Recruitment Scoresheet/ Marking Scheme annually based on demand.

In 2021, the Teachers Service Commission awarded the highest marks to TSC teachers interns enabling them bag the majority of the 5000 available teaching vacancies on permanent and pensionable terms then.

Moreover, diploma and degree academic qualifications were equalized.

This greatly disadvantaged applicants who were willing to fill the Replacement and Mass Recruitment TSC teaching vacancies without evidence of TSC Internship.

The latest advertisement on teachers’ recruitment that was carried out as from 22nd of July 2021  saw the commission under the leadership of Dr. Nancy Macharia award a Whooping 30 marks to both junior and senior interns disadvantaging non intern teachers.

The TSC score sheet  2021 however raised eyebrows among Kenyans and unemployed teachers who graduated earlier but never secured internship vacancies since there were limitations on the number of schools that a teacher should apply for TSC Internship consideration.

Following these complaints, it is now good news that the Commission through Dr. Macharia has opted to revert to its traditional way of awarding marks to candidates. In the intern score sheet, applicants in the second class honors upper division will now score five marks more than those in lower class division. Graduates of 2015 and before will now score 50 marks as it was the case to the initial score sheet.

This is contrary to the current score sheet for permanent recruitment where both would have scored the same marks.

However, Degree and Diploma candidates with the same graduation year will continue scoring same marks for them to be enrolled in internship employment.

Here is the Latest TSC Scoresheet/ Marking Scheme 2021/2022

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