Knec examiners invitation letters 2021 download via


Knec examiners invitation letters 2021 download via;Accept the March 2021 knec invitation to seasoned KCPE and KCSE 2020 examiners online and download your marking letter as directed below

Knec invites KCSE and KCPE 2020 Examiners for the April 2021 Marking Exercise; See the revised KNEC payment rates for examiners per script then download your invitation letter



The Kenya National Examinations Council, KNEC, has invited seasoned Knec examiners to help assess the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education and the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education national tests.

The postponed 2020 KCSE exams will be administered between Friday March 26, 2021 and Wednesday April 21, 2021 by Knec contracted  professionals.

KCPE 2020 invited KNEC examiners

Knec will engage English Composition and Kiswahili Insha Examiners only.

Official KCSE 2020 marking dates and centres

The 2020 KCSE examinations will be marked from 19/04/2021 to 07/05/2021 at designated Knec marking centres within Nairobi.

Knec to open examiners portal as from March 16

The site will be accessible to all Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, KCPE, examiners as from March 16 and Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, KCSE, KCSE Examiners as from March 22 as indicated below

Knec invites KCSE and KCPE 2020 Examiners for the April 2021 Marking Exercise; See the revised KNEC payment rates for examiners per script then download your invitation letter

2021 Knec examineres -eligibility and selection criteria

To be contracted for the April/May 2021 marking exercise,  you must apply online via

The application process is simple and straight forward.

2021 Knec Examiners’ things to do list

Knec expects the examiners to do the following;

In order for you to be invited for Knec exams marking exercise this is what you will have to do;

1. Access KNEC Contracted Professionals Website using the link:

2. Those with cp2 accounts, login into the Examiners portal using their username and password.

3. Those without cp2 accounts, click on reset password button to enter their mobile numbers in the format (2547********) and submit to get their username and password for logging into the system.

4. Upon successful login, complete their personal information and save.

5. Using the dashboard provided, access, download, print and read the invitation letters and the Marking Instructions. Further instructions on acceptance and rejection of marking offer are given in the invitation letter.;


2021 Knec examiners invitation letter download

How to download your marking invitation letter

To download the KNEC marking invitation letters, follow the prompts below:

1. From your browser (Google, Chrome, Opera) and key in this address: or just click Here to access the link.

2. In the new window, press on ‘CLICK HERE TO PROCEED.

3. Enter your User Name (ID NO.) and Pass Word (TSC NO.) and select, ‘Log in’.

4. Once logged in, now select: ‘ACCEPT OFFER’. A prompt will be displayed on your screen/ window to show that the offer has bee recorded, thus: ‘Your offer acceptance has been saved’.

5. To download your marking invitation letter, click on: ‘DOWNLOAD YOUR LETTER’.

6). You can then print your letter or save it on your local device.

Note: You can only access your invitation letter once KNEC opens the portal.

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